Does this mean the Church will have failed? Again, the answer is no. The Church is not called to save the whole world now Many have been taught or assumed that the mission of the Church is to save the whole world now. This is a logical assumption based on the teachings of many churches—but is it taught in the Bible?. Biblically, the church is considered to be the “family of God”. We understand family to be a group that is mutually dependent on each other. The same goes for the church. If we don’t attend. Mary_ for the neighbours next Saturday night. a) will baby-sit b) baby-sit c) baby-sat 27. What flat in ? a) Did she lived b) Does she live c) Did she lives d) Does she lived 28. Ann _ at home last Sunday, she went to a party. a) Didn't stayed b) Didn't stays c) Didn't stay d) Did stay not 29.

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